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March Updates 2020 - Patch 5.1 release date 2020-03-08, What's going and future plans

Mon Mar 02, 2020 6:57 am by VK.Angel.OfDeath

Like you guys know I like to make this topic just to repeat my plans and update you guys. I will keep it short so nerds can read it.

Patch 5.1
This patch will be released this Sunday 2020-03-08 at the latest.

Busy this weekend
The reason you didn't get it this weekend was because some family members stayed over and I didn't have time until sunday.

February scripting topic
As you know I posted this topic. Due to the delayed time in the release I have made 2-3 suggestions from there already. Will do a few more and finish the last testing this weekend. I will do the last testing this weekend plus a few more suggestions.

Future plans so far
Bod 2 most likely coming this summer. Not sure if I'll finish it on my summer break or before that.

I will be focusing on making suggestions and following up on those topics. Will also try to be more active on the server and talk to you guys more but I say that often.

That's pretty much it thanks for reading.

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December 2019 Update - Returning again, Bod 2 still being scripted, Holiday break, New forum Admin

Sat Dec 21, 2019 10:40 am by VK.Angel.OfDeath

Been a while since I've made any news. Well technically I made one last month but whatever.

Not dead
I'm not dead. I am still around. I still find it fun to script every now and then but I got a job now and it takes up a lot of time.

Bod 2
Bod 2 is still happening. I am scripting the end now and writing the end. I am taking my time with it. Will VC-MP be dead before then like many of you predict? Nah. No matter if VC-MP dies or not I'll still be able to script and at least release a video of it. But come on guys the whole VC-MP is dying thing started a million years ago. It's not dying. It will live in some way.

Bod 2 will get finished at least the writing for it will 100 %. But when that is I don't know. Bod 2 never releasing is turning into half life 3 xD. ¨

Holiday break
I also got a holiday break now during Christmas. I took out 5 days of vacation but I will get 10 days since a lot of holidays in our company is a free day as well.

New Forum Admin
Mason has been …

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Comments: 10

November 2019 Update - General updates

Sat Nov 16, 2019 11:00 am by VK.Angel.OfDeath

New patch
There is a new patch in the work but it doesn't really have that much to be honest. 5.0 was a really big patch that took a lot of effort. The next patch will be 5.0.1, but its probably not going to be worth the 2 months wait.

To be perfectly honest. I am currently out of ideas/directions for the server. Feels like I have kinda done everything there is just one thing left and it's bod 2. I get ideas to add more property commands. But I doubt a lot of people have many usages for them now. I am still gonna add them when i get ideas, because why not. There are a few coming up next patch.

Apart from running out of ideas I also started working right now. I haven't worked on the patches as much. But I got some motivation to do it right now.

Going on a trip to stockholm next week on monday will be gone until friday for work. Will probably still have internet access.

Future scripts
The only direction I have left is bod 2. It's possible we will eventually …

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October 2019 Update - What's next, the future, Angel IRL update

Tue Oct 15, 2019 7:55 am by VK.Angel.OfDeath

What's next
I will most likely release 5.0.1 at some point and continue to release small patches with more minigames you guys add.

Bod 2
I haven't scripted on bod 2 for probably a while thanks to 5.0. Eventually, I'm going to return to it and hopefully work on it side by side as I release smaller minor patches. Will it be done? Hopefully, it will be. More info on it in the future.

Future of the server
The playercount for the server has gone down not sure if its because people are joining other servers instead or gotten bored of VC-MP. It certainly doesn't help that the wiki is down as well. We still get 10-18 players at our peak though and I think it's mostly the peak that has decreased because the graph looks very similar otherwise. But once again I scripted this server when it had no players online for most of the time. I will hopefully always release patches. Not sure if any patch will ever be as big as 5.0, but I really want to get bod 2 out and that will be very big and …

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September 2019 Update 2 - Patch 5.0

Tue Sep 24, 2019 9:14 am by VK.Angel.OfDeath

Patch 5.0 will most likely be released this weekend or the next one. I got some testing left to do and a few bug fixes to resolve. After that, I need to structure everything up into a patch update and make /propertyhelp that I'm sure no one uses anyway but I have it as a guide for commands. I am going to need the help of people to test it and prefer it to be admins or event staff members that I know or old people I know from my time. Hopefully, some people can help out.

It's gonna be a big one. I am pretty proud of this patch. I hope it is good. Sorry to release it like at the start of school year but it just turned out this way

After 5.0
After this patch, I will probably have some bug fixing to do, to be honest and will probably release 5.0.1.

Bod 2
I know a lot of people are excited about it and I, to be honest, am as well. Bod 2 is extremely big and final part to wrap everything up. I've made like the very first part a few weeks ago and had lots of fun. I am going to be …

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September 2019 Update - My life and Patch 5.0

Sat Aug 31, 2019 4:18 pm by VK.Angel.OfDeath

What's going with the updates
Hey, I think it's been a long time since I actually updated you guys on what's going on. I guess I sorta forgot about it. But I guess I am back now to update you some more.

My life
So as all of you know ever since the start of the Summer I've been waiting to finish my education. First I had to correct some grammatical issues in the thesis and send it for publication. That took about 2 months. Then I had to wait an additional week to get my credits for the thesis. Finally, I had to apply for my degree. All of that is now done and I got my degree. Currently, I am working on perfecting my CV and upload a lot of projects from school up to github to make it easier to find jobs. I haven't applied for any job yet, but I am going to start in the upcoming weeks. I am kinda nervous, but hope everything will go well.

Patch 5.0
I am happy to announce that the next patch will be 5.0. It will not include Bod 2, since that is final part of the story and I want to …

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June 2019 Updates - GUI, Script and personal life.

Mon Jun 10, 2019 2:59 pm by Chuck Norris

Some GUI will come in the new patch for everyone to test out to see how it feels with your lag and stuff like that. Nothing too big, but it's a good experiment. I am getting bored of scripting other stuff, it's time we get some GUI scripting in here as well Razz.

Got any GUI ideas to suggest? Feel free to do so.

Future scripts
Apart from GUI I have looked at what you guys actually like to do around the server, which scripts are used and which are not. I have scripted this story thing for a long time, it's time for something else to get some extra time. Hopefully, you'll guys enjoy the scripts I have coming. The wod story is fine and all, but I think I am done with jobs for a while now at least.

Either way the things I am scripting feel fun to me right now and different, so hopefully you guys will feel the same.

I always look at suggestions and try to get as many as I can done, but some of them aren't really needed to 100 % and takes a lot time, which is why I …

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April 2019 Updates 2 - Next patch delayed got busy, future content.

Sun Apr 07, 2019 12:12 pm by VK.Angel.OfDeath

Delayed patch
The newest patch is finished but needs to be tested. Unfortunately, I don't want to rush it so I have decided to release it next weekend instead.
It has a few suggestions implemented and a few improvements, but it's mostly adding content to wod and this will be the final content to complete wod.
After that I'll only add a few questlines here and there when I get ideas, but I will mostly focus on other ideas + suggestions.

Those who are doing wod currently hopefully has many missions left to finish until then. Next patch you will be able to do the last 4 missions in the story + continue with David Davis (you'll get about 20 more missions with him, then be able to replay them, with all new dialogues for each one)

Future Content
I don't know how long we will be here for, but what's fun for me is to script challenging and fun things. I've almost had my fun now with this story that has been going on for years. It is my goal at least for myself to bring that story to …

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April 2019 Updates - 4.8.2 release date, upcoming scripts, status updates.

Sun Mar 31, 2019 3:42 pm by VK.Angel.OfDeath

Patch 4.8.2
Will be out on or before April 7th, unless something changes. It will be a minor patch that includes some suggestion, but not all suggestions. It will also add some updates to /wod, which is technically not finished yet.

I am sorry to everyone for focusing so much on /wod especially to those who don't care for it and want other updates. But I want you all to quickly know that /wod is part of the story and /wod is very huge and will most likely be my final big job because I can just keep adding more questlines to /wod. Wod is also the last part before bod 2, which is not something I am going to stress about but I am going to release it this year hopefully. After that our story is finished. But more importantly once I am finished with a few small patches here and there I will be able to focus my attention 80 % on suggestions, improvements and new cool ideas from you guys. I am also already now reading most of your suggestions and will have some finished by the next …

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[Denied] Admin Application - [M4z]MeLoDy^

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[Denied] Admin Application - [M4z]MeLoDy^  Empty [Denied] Admin Application - [M4z]MeLoDy^

Post by HasH^ on Sun Feb 16, 2020 11:51 am

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Admin Application: AsHu_BaBa^

In-Game Name: =M4z=AsHu_BaBa^
Previous In-Game Names: Ashu_Baba, =FFt=Ashu_Baba^, =NsK=Ashu_Baba, =NsK=KnIgHt_RiDeR^, [RF]KnIgHt_RiDeR^, =RF=Ashu_Baba^, [RF]MeLoDy^ and [M4z]MeLoDy^
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Country: Pakistan
Language(s) you Speak: Urdu, English and sometimes Punjabi.
Timezone (GMT): UTC + 05:00

How long have you played VCMP: 1 year and two months.
How long have you played on VKs Official Server: 1 year. Since October / 2018.

Introduce yourself, tell us who you are so we can get to know you:
Hello, lovely community! My name is Ashbel Amjad, and you guys better know me by my in-Game nickname Ashu Baba or MeLoDy^. I am a 16 years old, school student. Was born in 2004 / 23rd January. I am studying in a 8th Grade. And from the April of this year I'll be enter in 9th Grade.
I am from Karachi, Pakistan and living in the same. Probably, my interests are in computer's tech things and I wanted to become a software engineer or video game developer. I've also interests in rap music and other's hip hop stuff. When I'd feel bored, I used to listen rap music and does a gaming. On my 6th birthday, I got Playstation 2 from my mom. At that time, Grand Theft Auto games was very famous. Still now. My cousin told me about GTA Vice City game. He told me, he used to play it at Cyber Cafes and Gaming Zone with his friends. He brought me the game CD for my PS2.
From that time, I am a huge GTA fan. Then I enjoyed all the GTA games, came earlier 2008 on my PS2. Then what device I had, even it is gaming console or a PC, my first game were always be a GTA Vice City whom I installed the first. Then one day, I was chatting with my friend on Facebook and asking him to suggest me some cool PC games for my low-end PC like GTA and open-world fun games and he told me about VC-MP. He helped me to install the VC-MP on my computer through the software "TeamViewer". Then now you can see me, how I've loved this game and I'd daily play atleast one time even what time it is. And I ultimately started playing VC-MP in the VK's official server and still playing the same server. I haven't downloaded other's server files, I'd only love VK's and it becomes my one of the favourite video game for my low-end PC and it is really fun to play with a really people around the world and make them friends.  I love you  Surprised  I love you

What do you have to do as an admin:
Obviously, I'll do an all the things to secure this server from any type of rulebreaker. And I am now I think, enough experienced to understand what type of the rulebreak is and what kind of punishment I should give. So, I'll do all these things I pointed *below*

1) Safe the server from rulebreakers / hackers, (any type of)

2) Help newbies because, I've seen many new comers came in the server and they don't even know about the commands. So I will help them best as I could in any good way they gonna ask me.

3) Will do my best to take a part to help my other staff members. And will do a good decisions with them.

Why are you interested in becoming an admin:
I've pointed many things in the above section, so you can read it as of this question too. But again, I can tell you...
Being an admin is every player's wish. And I've this desire too! As I am a such active player in VKs and seen myself catching many rulebreakers, hackers so
I think, I will never disappoint my other staff's brothers for being an irresponsible and don't my duties properly. Smile

What qualifies you for the position of an admin:
1) Experienced,

2) Enough Active in-Game to help others and safe the server,

3) I am sure I've a good communication skills, good humour, friendly with other staff members and admins. I used to hangout with them too. Smile

4) Have a good time period to apply for this. And I'd feel I am ready to handle it!

Do you have any experience with being an admin (if yes, where, when, how):
Yes, I've some experiences. In my clan's server "M4z official server" / About 5 - 6 months ago, How? : Obviously, it is my clan so I would be an admin. Razz And in another server was called "Pakistani Server"
I had a developer level in this server. But unfortunately, the scripter and genuine developer name "Saiyan_Attack" closed that server just after the night he made me admin. The real reason closing the server was player didn't come there. You can say that was a ghost server, so I had only one day there as an admin and that was 6 - 7 months ago. Sad
And the last, in ReborN's server. The KF clan's official, I'd spend some time there as an admin along with my friend, "3moreee". About 5 months ago.

Where do you see yourself in 2 months with this server:
I've seen many improvements in myself... not abusing, insulting other player or any other admin or staff manager.
And even if I do in rageness then believe me, from my inside I'd feel very guilty and shameful and sorry to them at the same moment. Also, I've seen myself as a good member of this community, while it is thing of catching rulebreakers and hackers who wanted to make this server dirty by unwanted tools
and I hate that things when the other person tries to ruin the community because, I do also play in the same community.

Your Sincerely,
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[Denied] Admin Application - [M4z]MeLoDy^  Empty Re: [Denied] Admin Application - [M4z]MeLoDy^

Post by ЧК. on Mon Mar 02, 2020 10:08 am

Unfortunately, your application will be denied since you have received many negative votes. Mostly the feedback has been that you need to improve your behavior so work on that for a higher chance next time.


[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Feel free to PM me for any help.

Rainbow Dash wrote:and that 4k copy cat has also been kicked.

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