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August Updates 2 - I made my decision about the next patch + Information revealed.

Tue Aug 15, 2017 11:15 am by Chuck Norris

Before you reply: If you are not happy with anything in this post you are free to provide criticism, but please note two things:

1. Read the Community Manager vs Community section properly and try to address it when you post a reply.

2. Do not make threats to you will leave or insults to me. I am under a lot of preasure and as a leader I have to make tough decisions I can't save everyone and I can't please everyone. If you say stuff like that I will immediately throw your opinion away and cut ties with you in anyway.

This post is going to be tough on me and It might be last post in the staff depending on how you guys handle these two recommendations. (Even if that is the case I will still script for the server of course)

The Community vs the Community manager
As the Community manager and the scripter I represent the vision this server has and I respresent every single person who has ever joined the server. The vision I have is very specific and too long to be brought up in this topic, but one vision is: To never damage the DM experience on the server for anyone except people that breaks the rules or abuses VC-MP glitches we don't want.

Anyone that uses the slide in VC-MP is not a rule breaker, we all agree on that. But what most people seem to disagree about is the "glitches we don't want" part. Many of you on the forum simply don't care about slides or don't want them. But there are people that can't play without them. I don't know how many that is. I just have information that some clans uses it a lot and that some players play here only for the fact that we are rel003. What made me upset was that a lot of you just wanted me to throw away these players and don't give a shit about their opinions. I can't do that unfortunately.

I don't know what will happen if we switch to rel004. These players might get used to it, quit VC-MP, start playing on Another server or anything in between.

Decision/plan about the future
Do not read this part without Reading the first.

The decision/plan I have made is to: Release patch 4.0 without rel004 and instead release the object NPCs that I started working on a year ago. ( PLEASE continue Reading because there is more... )

and at the same finish converting the script to rel004 so we can test Crystal Blues slide script and invite players there to see how they like it. The only way we will ever get to rel004 is:
- If rel003 stops being supported (which I am not sure about)
- If I feel Confident that CrystalBlues script will sasify our whole playerbase.
- If I get a lot of negative backlash and maybe the staff or the playerbase gets at risks I have to make Another topic and Another decision.

More information
Patch 4.0 will add most of the things I put into the topic:
from you guys including a new thing: NPCs. Don't worry the NPCs will only be available in custom properties or DM minigames, so they don't upset the gameplay balance.

The patch will be released in august if I am extremely good and in september if I am okay/good in scripting this month. Later than that I will probably get depressed lol.

More info will come soon, but I have spent a lot of time scripting new cool and things you guys have asked for, for months.

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